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PSD to Anything 31%

Overall rank: 31%

We loved their awesome homepage slider which looks extremely smooth. Unfortunately, their control over JS and CSS markup is not so good - even for simple projects, You can receive tons of disorganized files that might drive You crazy.

PSD to Anything

Company info Australia

Owner: Unknown

Country: Australia


First page: $40

Next pages: $20

Hidden costs:Yes

xHTML analysis 34%

Doctype: HTML5

Errors: Yes

Cleanliness: Average

Indents: Average

Headings: Bad

Image handling: Above average

Text/code ratio: 1%

CSS analysis 13%

Errors: Yes

Cleanliness: Average

Indents: Bad

Print version: No

Inline: Yes

Sprite usage: Average

Position: Bad

JavaScript analysis 17%



JS off version:No

JS efficiency:Average


Efficiency 59%

Compression: Yes

Cache: No

Bad requests: No

Error page: Yes

Page size: 923 kB

  • xHTML: 8 kB
  • CSS: 27 kB
  • JavaScript: 27 kB
  • Images: 861 kB

Number of requests: 96

  • xHTML: 1
  • CSS: 27
  • JavaScript: 21
  • Images: 47

Search engine preparation 75%

Unique titles: Yes

Canonicalization: Yes

Robots: Yes

XML sitemaps: Yes

Favicon: Yes

Expire tags: Yes

Language: English

Microformats: No

Accessibility: No

Browser awareness 50%

Firefox: Yes

Chrome: Yes

Opera: Yes

Safari: Yes

Internet Explorer 9: Yes

Internet Explorer 8: No

Internet Explorer 7: No

Internet Explorer 6: No

Compatibility view: No

Fixes via: No fixes