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About us

Our mission

The idea behind xHTMLrank.com is simple: gather and assess companies providing PSD to xHTML/ CSS service. We believe that perfect quality coding is one of the most crucial parts of web design process, that is why it has to be performed wisely. Originally, effects were supposed to be kept as private, but once we found out that so huge amount of companies offer low quality service or dramatically increasing rates due to ordering process, we decided to share our thoughts.

Belive or not, we do not promote any of these companies, we are happy to be fully neutral observers and we are proud that each company has been assessed inpartially. Sometimes, we realize that many of well-known companies fails very obvious tests, as well as the most expensive ones which usually turn out to be less skilled than tiny ones.

How do we measure the quality?

Who are You?

The most important part of our work, the companies and their ratings. We are sure that You would like to know how actually we count our rankings. In order to fulfil customer's needs, we simply start by checking the page as a customers. We want to be treaten as serious people and know the basic company data. The very first step is to check wheter the company is actually a company or just pretends to be. We want to know some basic company information - where there are based, is that web company or a freelancer, as well as email or telephone number to reach them easily in case of any reason. We do not pay any special attantion to country or name of the agency/freelancer - we just want these data to be reachable.

We already know that xHTML Magic is actually led by Croatian freelancer, Iza Ćoška. We can assume her working hours, as well as easily reach her via email. On the other hand, we can spot W3 <markup/> which can code pretty well but we have absolutely no idea who they are.

Fixed price, fixed quality!

Second, even more important, but also annoying thing is pricing. Each customer has his own budget so we do not affect if the price is low or high, but we definitely hate situations where price is different than advertised. Remember that we are serious customers, we want our project to be coded to the peak xHTML/ CSS level because that is what we want to get hiring PSD to xHTML/ CSS company. We do not tolerate any budget increasing for 'special features' that were not included in the advertised price.

We want to prevent You from situations when You spot a company, for example P2H, which has the main price of $160, however, after going deeper into the ordering process, You notice that the $160 dollar package does not include the most important xHTML/ CSS features and You are forced to pay much more, ending up with budget equal $420. We also want to promote companies that do not forces customer to think about things that he is not aware of (that is why he outsources!), let's take a look at xHTML Slicer - the situation is clear, homepage $200, subpage $75, no hidden costs, company do its best.

xHTML, CSS and much more!

After these two steps, we go through all technical tests that common customer can do. We test everything, starting with a very basic HTML validation tests, through the tag structure and layout flexibility, ending at search engine, efficiency and security issues. PSD to xHTML/ CSS provider is definitely not responsible for the security of Your website, as well as for its position in Google, however by testing such things, we can easily examine if the xHTML/ CSS that You would receive will be well prepared for further development.

All the technical and quality tests are obviously fundamental for final rating, we strictly and precisely measure various issues, including even these tiny differencies that ensures us about the overall experience of the company. Majority of our tests are being performed manually by viewing and browsing the code of the website itself and randomly chosen portfolio examples. Code flexibility, semantics, knowledge of various quality facets can not by measured automatically. These are the most crucial things, the knowledge that customer can not be aware of.

Of couse, there are variety of things that we can measure using internet applications, we also use them in fact there are some technical parts that can be handled precisely and successfully. However, each result requires additional knowledge that lets us decide if the output is a pro or a con for overall company rating. Remember, interpretation is the most important!

We are extremely rigorous!

We just do not want You to be surprised that one of Your favourite companies got a low rating. Preparation of good, rigorous test which can efficiently measure the quality was very hard task. But we are proud of each minute spent on mindstorming, each single details has its own importance level which make rating such accurate. They truth is that it is almost impossible to receive a 100% rank, we also tested some websites, including this one, and all the ranks remained approximately 90%. What is more, we use a mechanism that lets us dynamically adjust the rating of certain companies just by comparing their inner ranks with the others.

You have to know that when You go through the ratings of PSD to xHTML.com.au, 65% does not mean the quality is horrible, it means that there are companies that provides a better solutions in certain areas. PSD to xHTML/ CSS can be considered as a very easy process, especially by the beginners, but each professional coder can easily see the space between his CSS skills and low quality coders. We do our best to classify all the companies, we do our best to give the most honest rating and assist You to find the one, that would suit Your needs perfectly.

English or not?

You probably noticed that we also include companies that do not officially provide their services for English customers. However, during our tests we noticed that majority of non-English based companies actually speak perfect English and, what is the most important, is able to deliver relatively better service. English is an international language, that is why some of the companies focus on maximizing customer supply than deliver good quality. Non-English companies do not have to compete with tons of other companies, they have their own local market and good position, their average experience is much better.

PSD to xHTML/ CSS service by us

Yes, we provide PSD to xHTML/ CSS service and, as You might guess, we do it with amazingly perfect presicion. However, we work as a freelancers and noone of us will be listed here. We currently do not provide PSD to xHTML/ CSS service as a company, but once we settle it, we will do our best to stay at the top of our ratings ;) Of course, we know that putting our own company in the future might be considered as auto-promoting, but, as long as we respect our mission as a providers of gorgeous code, we are sure that You would respect that.